About us

Since 2008, our company deals with the planning, licensing and installation of solar energy recovery systems. Our most important goal is to spread solar energy as widely as possible in Hungary, as well as internationally. We are working to make environmentally friendly solutions widely available.

In recent years, due to the growing number of accidents and injuries of pedestrians and cyclists – mainly at crosswalks – the company had decided to do its best to help with this serious problem, thus entered the field of innovative roadway safety products and LED replacement solutions.

For that, we had established a new department, the Solarway“. Its main purpose was to find a solution to the problems at the crosswalk. And we did. We are proud to be the first – and only – in our region, to come out with a solution, the so called “intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system” (SafeCross®), which is our own development. The SafeCross® system can recognize a pedestrian intention to cross the street at real time, and gives in turn a signal to drivers to slowdown, thus saving lives! .


Other applications, where our innovative products can be employed, include bicycle pathway demarcation, active roadway demarcation, universities, parks, as well as street lighting,

In case required, the company can also modified and adjust the product according to client needs.


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